My daughter who is in publishing tells me to be a successful blogger I need to say I am a freelance travel writer. So that is what I am . Well I am writing and for free so I am most of the way there.

I am going to try and post on most days and give any readers out there a look at the life of an expat dealing with stuff here in the heel of Italy. I will also try to be informative on things Puglian and Italian for visitors coming here .


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  1. Roberta says:

    Hi, have been following you for a couple of weeks now and just to say how I really look forward to each instalment as you are a great read, so many interesting things each time, you are a font of knowledge of all things Italian! Am am also hoping to move to a place just outside Ceglie and am returning in mid-June for a second viewing so would you be up for a coffee and a chat?
    Ciao Roberta

  2. Interesting to read your blog and learn about a new part of my adopted country.

  3. hokiocato says:

    Hi I have been following your blog recently and am enjoying it. I have been looking at buying a place in Lecce or Brindisi with lots of productive olive trees. This virus worries me though:


    What is the word on the ground there about it…does it seem to be spreading? Thanks JD Abu Dhabi (HokioCato)

    • hereinpuglia says:

      Thanks for reading my blog, I read about this whilst away and have heard no more since my return. Let me ask around and come back to you once I have found out some info. Cheers Mike

      • Maglet says:


        I’ve been reading your blog as I’m just about to come over for my first ever holiday in puglia! Am really excited about it but have been checking out the weather for next week and the big sunshine icon has been replaced by cloud and rain!!! Oh no! Is it likely to change or should I pack my wet weather gear:(? Thanks

      • hereinpuglia says:

        As you can see from the latest post the various weather sites and channels all seem to say that next week is going to be cloudy with plenty of rain, sorry. Monday and a week on Saturday might not be too bad. Let’s hope they get a few days wrong if the system goes through a bit faster then they expect. Cheers Mike

  4. erin says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, Here in Puglia, and am interested in interviewing your for the site Insiders Abroad. This expat site has an extensive following in Italy, and we are working on growing our community.

    We have started a series of Expat Spotlights in which insiders share their top tips for Italy. For an example, check out our first posts: http://www.insidersabroad.com/france/blogs/inside-secrets-to-italy/posts

    If you would be interested in sharing your top tips, we would love to have you set-up a profile and I will send the questions. Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you and promoting your work.


    Content Manager at Insiders Abroad

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  5. Dana says:

    Hello! 🙂 i just came across your blog and i must say i like it a lot!
    We will be leaving saturday to Puglia (polignano a mare and lecce) any news on the wheather? Seems it’s going to be rainy and cloudy… Is there anuthing to do with bad wheather? Any changes wheather will still change? I must say there are a lot of differences between the several websites 😦

    • hereinpuglia says:

      Yes, thunderstorms this weekend especially in the hills away from the coast. Find a nice restaurant in Polignano ( there are many) on Sunday and have a long Sunday lunch. Lovely little town with a great centro storico. The rest of the week on the coast looks okay and Lecce will be hot and humid. I look at Il meteo and Meteo 3B websites normally but Accu weather seems almost as accurate. Like many things Italian planning is not to the fore and so 3 days out is about as far as they safely go with any certainty anyway. Enjoy your holiday and once through the weekend I’m sure it will be fine. Regards Mike

      • Hi there, just came across your blog and happy to find some answers to questions I have about a property we are looking to buy in Castellana Grotte (about septic tanks). We plan to go end of Sept to view the property. Nice to hear the perspective of an expat about the various aspects of life in Puglia. I’m not Italian (Canadian of Irish/French descent) but I speak the language very well. My husband is Italian (American/Canadian/Dutch) but does not speak the language at all. He has cousins up near Pisa. We live in China (Macau) and are looking at Italy for holiday home (for now) and then retirement. Still have to sort out how we could get residency to live there permanently as my husband can’t get Italian Visa by way of his father because he was naturalized as an American citizen before my husband was born.

      • hereinpuglia says:

        Glad to have been of some help even if it was about the riveting subject of septic tanks !! My daughter in in Hong Kong so we visited Macau a year or so ago. An amazing mixture of Las Vegas, Portugal and China.
        There are several forums in the North of Italy written for North Americans trying to live here. By the numbers there are in just Florence it can’t be too difficult. Just hoops and bureaucracy so it is great practise for living here. Castellana Grotte is a lovely neck of the woods, you will enjoy it.There is a blog that seems to have stopped now but is written by a couple of Canadians who have set up a Glamping business near Lueca http://anewlifeinitaly.blogspot.it/ They go through most of the trials to get here I think Cheers, Mike

  6. Zappa says:

    Great observations and very enjoyable read! Like a lot your mix of Puglia and music parts, even if I am always after more and more and more about Puglia!

    BTW, what is your take on the olive trees crisis? Would you worry if had a plot of millienari in Ostuni? Are there any signs that a solution might be found to prevent further spread?

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