2 Responses to Lousy Food, Easier Life

  1. Chris Lewis says:

    Love the blog, though less interested in Greece. Buying just outside of Martina and would appreciate confirmation of the Internet contact for set up and contract on Pay as You Go!

    • hereinpuglia says:

      This is a link to Primal http://www.paginegialle.it/martina-franca-ta/telefoni-cellulari/primal-company
      they do all internet mobile phone companies though a few do have shops in Martina Franca but they close as fast as they open. Best is to have your UK mobile and see which signal it picks up and how strong at your house. Weirdly we have Vodafone at the front of the house so that is our mobile phone provider but Tre (3) at the back where my small study is so all my computer stuff is with Tre . The Web Pocket is a great little system and most other Mobile companies now have them too. If you go with Pay as you Go you will have to buy the smart phone ( iPhone about €450) or the Cube etc. Cheaper to do a contract for 2 years on direct debit and eat the months you are not there. Thanks for your kind comments on the blog . Cheers


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