Bari Airport

Rather than rabbiting away I thought today I should do some more informative stuff. Only really because I have had these photos since last week and keep forgetting to use them.

I took my son and his girlfriend to Bari airport last week so he could enjoy the delights of the airside area of the airport while awaiting a three hour delayed BA flight from LGW that was to whisk him back to the chaos of Swissport’s lack of baggage handlers there.

Trust me there is little to nothing to do airside at Bari Airport though they now do boast a Peroni Bar  but still not a foreign newspaper in sight. I would have thought it is a natural with daily flights to most places with loads of tourists on them in the summer.

But after dropping them off I did take the chance to see the fairly new railway station that is situated just to one side of the terminal . This is it

BariAirportTrain Station


Trains run from here up the coast or down to Bari Centrale. From Centrale you can get trains to Lecce or Brindisi or on the private line to Martina Franca.

Tickets are bought at the bottom of the escalator.

Bari staion Tickets

Weirdly the guy you can see at the bottom turned around just as I took the photo and went absolutely crazy that I had photographed him. Indeed he tried to come up the down escalator to get to me. Something to hide methinks. I hot footed it out of there and back to the car.

If you have bags and can’t do the escalator they now have a lift ( elevator)

Lifts at Bari station

I haven’t tried the train yet but it is certainly a simple way to get about unless of course you are involved in an adulterous relationship  !! Best then take a cab.

I have blogged before about the wonders of the Italian Postal system and the inefficiency of the Post Office. There must be stats somewhere about how long in an Italians lifetime he spends standing in the Post Office.

Today I had to post a letter to Cyprus  for my tax guy. Easy enough task pop down get a stamp and away we go.

There is but one window for stamps and 8 for pensions and the host of other stuff this huge State run monolith does for the citizens. It is of course run for the good of the staff and makes private companies like the mobile phone shops seem paragons of excellent customer service which trust me they ain’t.

Once the lady behind the counter had finished doing the work that should be  done when the office closes at 1.30 for the day  like bagging mail she pushed the buzzer and up went P18 on the board . Not bad I thought I am P20 so only a few to go. A guy in front of me in building clothes look anxiously out of the door while clutching his ticket P19. A sixth sense told me to worry about this fellow. P18 finally finished signing the endless forms that are required to pick up a registered letter ( postmen here don’t bang on doors by the way they just stick another form through your door or in the box) my fellow began to sweat . P19 came up on the screen and two women went to the window. They spent sometime getting a few letters franked plus tried as always to slip in a social services claim at the window but because the lady didn’t know them it was rejected much to my relief. Get another ticket she said  and get in the other line. P19 came up and the builder moved as slowly as he could to the window. Senti ( listen ) he said to the girl I have a small problem but as he started the door flew open and two more guys rushed in clutching what was clearly a legal contract of about 90 pages. Ah he said it is here. We need 15cent stamps on each page that we then sign and then stamp with our company stamp. . So the girl affixed the first stamp on the first page and one guy signed it and the other stamped it with a portable stamper.

Thirty minutes later I was still in the queue while the guys finally got to the last page. He had taken a gamble on them turning up on time and the so and sos had done it in the nick of time.

One 80 cent stamp to Cyprus took 1 hour 20 minutes to get . Guinness Book of Records do you think ?





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  1. David says:

    My partner queued for nearly 2 hours at post office in porto recanati in June to post a birthday card to the UK.Amittedly it had to be weighed,but2 hours?

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