Berlusconi Was Right

He said Italian judges are spoilsports amongst other unrepeatable things he said about them and guess what he was right, they are.

A notice has appeared at the entrance to the Courts in Brindisi signed by the Head of the Courts Judge one Francesco Giardino . It is alongside the metal detectors where all the people accessing the court enter including all the lawyers and members of the public.

What does it say? Well it refers to the onset of hot weather and prohibits women wearing  short skirts, low tops, transparent cool clothing, shorts or flip flops .

The security people at the detector are instructed to refuse entry to any women wearing such clothing. already several have been turned away including some lawyers. Short skirts ? Nothing above the knee apparently .

short skirt


Many women are furious and have already protested to the Judge saying that the air conditioning system is inadequate and the courts are too hot to wear heavy clothing . The judge however is adamant that none shall enter .

It reminded me that this week is Henley Royal Regatta week.


and to enter Stewards women must wear skirts on the knee or below. The marshall’s carry a measuring stick and check it against the person if they think the dress is too short. However unlike Francesco’s ruling which affects only women. At Henley in Stewards gentlemen must wear jackets and ties at all times as well. I was there in the scorching summer of 1976 and at about 3 p.m. over the tannoy came a stunning, earth shattering announcement ” The Stewards have rules that Gentlemen may remove their jackets but not their ties”.  The temperature in the tents where the bars were was about 45C but the majority of gentlemen cussed the wimpy Stewards and kept their jackets on.  This is my favourite watering hole when in Stewards


You can’t actually see any of the races from the bar nor the lawn area outside but that doesn’t stop huge numbers flooding to it. Ah for a pint of Pimms now. If you’re lucky enough to be going this week be sure to give Pangbourne College a cheer in the Princess Elizabeth Cup won’t you.

From Pimms to water in one paragraph. I read today that Italians drink on average 192 bottles of mineral water per head of population each year. That is half a litre per day for every man, woman and child in the country. Italians rule Europe in terms of bottled water consumed . There are 296 different brands on sale here and Italians drink it from over 6 billion plastic bottles and it takes 450 million tons of oil to make the plastic and that generates 1.2 million tons of CO2 as well as filling tons of landfills and scarring the entire countryside and towns in discarded bottles.

Each litre produced costs the producer about 0.02 cents and the average cost of buying a litre in Italy is 0.23 cents so you don’t need me to tell you there is some serious money to be made.

Legambiante the environmental group who produced the report want a green tax to be levied on bottle water to reflect the damage caused to the Italian environment both in CO2 and in the actual water extraction. Some regions do add some tax to the water by calculating the cubic metres of water they produce. The report singles out Puglia for doing nothing about it and dithering about it since 2006. Not good for the Governor who presents himself as the Greenest man in Italy. So far his solar policy has been attacked for corruption, his wind farm policy critiqued for Mafia involvement and now his water policy is heading the same way.

Legambiante say with a small tax it would be possible to invest the money in better water management and would also fund the laying of pipes to all households in Italy. Now that I would applaud. We are just 300 metres from the nearest pipeline but petitions to the Regional Comune that we sign fall on deaf ears.

Maybe the Governor will now read the report and do something. Our new septic tank was installed just in case we get mains water for without one they will not connect you. Remember to keep all the receipts as you must produce them before connection. They also check to make sure that you didn’t do what most Italians do and make an hole in bottom of the tank so it never needs to be emptied though Italian friends say they never really act on it.

In case you’re interested on day 2 of the P.E Cup  Pangbourne College beat Montclair School of the USA just a couple of minutes ago at Henley by 2 lengths in a time of 7 mins 19 secs. Whoopee. Wish I was in the Fawley Bar now .

Then a few pints tonight in one of my favourite pubs The Flower Pot in Aston just nearby.:




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