Wannabe a Film Mogul ?

Italy has a great tradition for film making dating back to the early 1900’s. To date Italy has won 13 Acadamy Awards for best Foreign picture the most of any country in the world. It has also won 12 Palmes d”Or the second highest of any country.

It was the Fascist government that in the 1930’s started to invest heavily in the industry  (unfortunately to make propaganda films) that really got things going . They  financed and built the huge Cinecitta Studios in Rome.

Post World War II saw the rise of the neorealists with directors of the calibre of Visconti, Rossellini and De Sica making great films. After stagnating in the 50’s the industry got a boost with the rise of the Spaghetti Western especially the Dollar films with Clint Eastwood and the music of Ennio Morricone

The 1990’s were glory years with Cinema Paradiso and  Mediterraneo wining an Oscar each and La Vita e Bella wining no less than three.

In 2001 La Stanza Del Figlio won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.

With such a pedigree wouldn’t it be great to be involved in the industry and make a film that has as it’s backdrop the glorious Puglian countryside and it’s people.

Guess what team, you can  by going to this site on line


The film is about the chance meeting of a guy called Bob and Rudolph Valentino the Second. Regulars will know I have blogged before about Rudolph “the Latin Lover” Valentino who was born in Castellaneta . Indeed there is a museum dedicated to him in his home town .

The site tells you how to get involved in the film and what you receive for being involved as well as outlining the story .

The father of two of the guys involved in the project lives around the corner from me near Martina Franca in an old trullo that has by the side of it a marvellous underground cantina . There he still makes his own red and white wine and lives a life of great simplicity much in keeping with the way life has always been lived in this part of the world.

And after an hour or so with him on his patio overlooking the vineyard chatting about his life and the things he has done and you wonder whether their next project shouldn’t be his own life story.

Have a read on the site and if you feel like it sign up and who knows in 2015 you could be watching the Oscars sitting on the edge of your seat as the presenter opens the envelope for Best Foreign Language Film …………


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Retired to Puglia after some 40 years in the travel industry working for P&O Lines, British Airways, Alamo rent-a-car,Abercrombie&Kent, owner of Quest Tours and Travel and finally with Thomas Cook North America. Married to Geraldine we now have a small house with too much land near the town of Martina Franca in Puglia. Two kids one married and living in Hong Kong and the other single and living in London. No dogs, no cats no animals.
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