Martina Franca Baroque

Another Wednesday another Martina Franca market day. A windless day, the sellers looked as uninterested as the few patrons that wandered the streets . My lupini man whilst bemoaning the heat said tomorrow for him is much worse as the market area in Alberobello  was in a sunken area of town that turned into a caldron on these hot August days. He takes his holiday in November he said and just enjoys a few weeks of being cold !  I have always sought his stall out and felt loyal for doing so. Then one day he was out of lupini and said go see my brother over there and if he hasn’t got any then my other brother is three rows back near the stadium. It was then  I realised his family owned all the lupini and olive stalls in the market. No wonder he has been tardy with my loyalty card and discount !

I wanted to check out a restaurant in the centro storico ( historic area) to see if it was still open ( it wasn’t ) and as it was situated almost on the other side of the storico I took a few photos of the baroque buildings.

I must admit I had no idea what Baroque really was but I can now tell you it was a form of over the top building style that features sculptures and grandeur. It was encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church as a counter to the Protestant reformation  which they felt was rather dry and staid. They wanted to show I guess that Catholics have more fun. Try telling that to Henry VIII, mind you Anne Boleyn might have agreed.

baroque 1780

M.F. is famous for it’s doors and how about those for a pair of front ones. I guess this fits the baroque bill . As always there was baroque and then there was baroque. Down in the South of Italy there was Roma style, Sicillian style, Napoli style and Lecce style. Please don’t ask me which this is but as we are closer to Lecce than the other places let’s plump for that. St Peter’s Square (but not the Church) is Roma baroque as is the Spanish Steps.

I took several more photos but the nice thing is that all these places are lived in. It isn’t a kind of Disneyland so  being a lovely day everyone had their washing hanging from every vantage point including the sculptures and rather than air their now clean smalls on the web I shall respected their privacy. However guys the lady at number 35 …. !

little Hospital

This is the hospital finished in 1783 and it was built on the site of an old circular watch tower in case your trying to read what is written on that board to the left of the door. It also says that behind the door is a courtyard with a well and around the courtyard are small rooms that housed the patients and the nuns that looked after them.

I walked back around the old walls and past this guy Franco

Basket Case

Can’t think what he sells, the place seemed full of baskets but nothing to buy to put in them. The white vest you can see in the interior is in fact Franco and the stuff stuck to cardboard are ringing endorsements from happy customers.

This below is our local cinema which closes in the summer and will open again in September

Local Cinema

Makes the Odeon in Slough look a bit sick I have to admit.

Most experts say once you have seen the baroque on offer here there is no need to go to Lecce but if you are here now ( I seem to be getting lots of searches from Italy this week) then there is for me anyway a far better reason to head off to Lecce Aug 8/9/10/11. It is their wine tasting festival and Niurumaru it is called. There are over 4,000 bottles of wine to taste which would  slow even me down, plus loads of music, live bands, local dancers, the works. For €10 paid at the gate as it were ( it held in the centro storico ) you get a glass of your very own to keep and 10 tasting tickets. I guess you keep going back for more tasting tickets until you can no longer remember where the ticket booth is and it is then probably best to go home anyway.

I remember going to a wine festival in Greece and getting very upset when they took a deposit for the glass they lent me. How dare they not trust me I said. However many hours of tasting later I had no idea where I put it down and rather sheepishly slunk out past the ticket booth leaving both my deposit and the glass behind.

Of real interest to me is on August 13/14 Martina Franca is hosting its own beer festival again with music and dancing as well.

always enjoyed that ad. As I will of course friends be writing an in depth report on the beer festival I won’t bore you with details as yet. Suffice to say I will not leave a single beer cap unopened in my quest to bring you all the complete  beer type by beer type account of the two evenings.


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