Grab a Coffee or Beer in Martina Franca

I promised you a few places where you can enjoy a break from either shopping or sightseeing in Martina Franca. These are not in the historical area ( centro storico) as I find they are just tourist rip offs.

Martina Franca, certainly in the centre, is a very  beautiful and almost undiscovered town tourist-wise. The outer area suffers as do almost all Puglian towns from appalling post war development which reminds you of the worst excesses of East Germany. Huge concrete high rises lacking any form of charm. So let’s concentrate on the centre.

My favourite bar, because the owners are so lovely, is Bar Cin Cin ( Cheers no less in English !)

Bar Cin Cin


( Again don’t forget to click on the photo to enlarge )

Next door is being cleaned at the moment hence the covering to the right. This little bar serves the best coffee in Martina and that’s not me talking but many many Italians that know it.

The Owners


These are the two ladies that run the place and look after you so well. They love you to try a little Italian and applaud your efforts how ever awful !Treats

Try a snack while you have your coffee or beer, There is a Sala da Te ( Tea Room no less) off the main bar area so plenty of places to sit as well as an outside area in the summer. You can find Cin Cin on Via Antonio Bruni just off the main shopping street , nicely tucked away from the crowds.

The next little gem is Da Vinci

Da Vinci


This is ideal for anyone that loves pastries. Both owners were pastry chefs before marrying and opening this cafe  not far from the fruit market. It really comes into its own in May when the cafe opens a large sitting area with huge sunshades . Again don’t expect to find any tourists there when you visit they are busy being fleeced in the historical area !! The Da Vince can be found on Via Maria D’Enghein.

Finally a bar I have used ever since I first came to Martina both during the day for coffee and for drinks and some excellent free snacks ( local olives, cheese, peanuts and tarelli which are crunchy bagel type small shaped sticks ) in the evening . Florien ( a play on the famous Venice cafe !) is the other end of town to the other two but close to several restaurants and no distance to the centro storico.

The guys that run it are very go ahead and they have this up on Youtube.

so no need for me to show you photos.

Tomorrow down to the coast to show you a little town on the Adriatic 30 mins from my home called Salvelletri a place that rather sprung to fame when Justin Timberlake got married nearby last year.






About hereinpuglia

Retired to Puglia after some 40 years in the travel industry working for P&O Lines, British Airways, Alamo rent-a-car,Abercrombie&Kent, owner of Quest Tours and Travel and finally with Thomas Cook North America. Married to Geraldine we now have a small house with too much land near the town of Martina Franca in Puglia. Two kids one married and living in Hong Kong and the other single and living in London. No dogs, no cats no animals.
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4 Responses to Grab a Coffee or Beer in Martina Franca

  1. Barney says:

    Thanks for the blog. We arrived in Puglia almost two weeks ago for a 6 week stay and are relying on some of your local intelligence.

    Maybe my wife and I hit them on a bad day, but the coffee at Bar Cin Cin wasn’t great (not wanting to offend, we poured ours into the pot plants). There is a good place not far away though. I’ll provide an address and name next time we go back.

    • hereinpuglia says:

      Wow I’m sorry it was so bad, I haven’t been there for about 6 weeks as I tend to avoid M.F. in August but am there on Wednesday and will pop in and try it again. Let me know your new find and I’ll hot foot it around there too.
      Thanks so much for the feedback. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


      • Claire & Barney says:

        Hello Mike,

        Sorry for the delayed response. Try Caroli Caffe on Via Serra Nuda near the corner of via Magna Grecia.

        Cheers, Barney

      • hereinpuglia says:

        I certainly will and thanks for the tip. Am in M.F. tomorrow so will let you know. I’m an Illy fan myself and try to find places serving that if I can. Because of that almost all my petrol purchases are from Q8 service stations as in Puglia they all have bars on the premises that sell Illy.


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